Unfortunately, the situation related to the COVID 19 pandemic still does not allow us to organize crew conferences on the terms that have been in force so far. We are aware that nothing can replace our direct contact, nevertheless, organizing an online webinar is also an effective means of sharing with information.


The second online conference this year (the first took place in February) was organized by SIEM Ship Management in cooperation with the London office on 29-30 September.


As in the previous one, about 130 members of our organization participated in it, including representatives of our offices located in several countries on different continents. Of course, the most numerous group were our crews – because this conference was specifically dedicated to them.


The variety of topics discussed, most of which was aimed at achieving further progress through a greater understanding of both issues related to the current affairs of the company, our development, as well as matters related to the broad concept of the safety undoubtedly contributed to the broadening of the knowledge of the staff.


We can definitely say that this second on-line conference achieved its goal and was a success.