SIEM Ship Management Poland together with Sea Road Shipping Australia, have started work on preparing Ro-Ro vessel – M/V LIEKUT for its new charter, which will start in March 2021. Our newly built vessel, delivered in March 2020 from Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) shipyard will operate providing increased capacity through the Bass Strait


Preparation for a new Sea Road charter involves making the necessary modifications to the M / V LIEKUT structure. The modification project involves a number of structural changes including, but not limited to, deck reinforcement, barrier and drainage installation, and aft ramp modification to accommodate MV LIEKUT’s new home port, Devonport, Australia.


SIEM Ship Management – LIEKUT’s technical managers based in Gdynia, Poland will supervise the design and engineering works for the subject modification. The main purpose of this modification is ability to load 90T and 75T cassettes arranged in a block stow on the main deck and loading SAT trailers on the upper deck and top deck. This requires strengthening of the underdeck structure of the main deck by fitting pillars between the main deck and tank top, brackets, riders on longitudinal stiffeners, and replacement of the sections of the webs of transverse beams where they support the bearing pads of the cassettes. In addition, fixed, removable and swing-out fenders are arranged on the main deck to hold the block stow of the cassettes in position.


Total numbers of double and quadruple lashing fittings will be installed on the upper and top deck to secure a total number of road trailers. Some of deck manholes will be relocated and in addition, the main deck ramp cover as well as main stern ramp will be modified according to the new design to suit the Devonport, Australia jetty in accordance with MacGregor drawings and specification.


After delivery to new charter M/V Liekut will be reflagged to Australian flag.