At SIEM Ship Management, our goal is simply to keep your vessels operating in a safe and effective manner with an absolute minimum of off hire – while ensuring compliance with our stringent control relating to quality, safety and the environment.

SIEM Ship Management is your first choice for international ship management solutions as our group of onshore and offshore specialists are highly experienced in managing vessels of every type and age.

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Our fleet is specialized in transporting various cargoes. 


We provide the highest standard of transport for all cargoes and we guarantee that your cargo will always safely be transported from the port of loading to the port of discharge with all quality standards and transportation times will always be preserved. 



We are specialists in the transport of the following loads:





Most of our fleet is intended for the carriage of perishable commodities which require temperature-controlled transportation, such as fruit, meat, fish, vegetables, and other foods.

Refrigerated cargoes are transported in specially adapted holds of our ships, where the temperature is regulated in the of minus 25 to plus 25 degrees Celsius. This allows us to load and safely transport various types of cargo, as well as in refrigerated containers that can be loaded both on deck and in the ship’s holds.





Our refrigerated cargo vessels, in addition to refrigerated cargoes, carry multiple types of general cargo depending on current charter requirements, the ship’s working area, etc. Different types of boxes, barrels, bales, crates, packages, bundles, pallets and so on, as well as cars and trucks are very often found on board of our reefer fleet.

Our crews have specialized knowledge in the field of safe transportation of various types of cargo on such ships.





Our fleet of reefer vessels, in addition to typical cargoes, both refrigerated and general cargo transported in ship holds, also transports various types of cargo in containers, both dry and refrigerated. These containers are mainly transported on the decks of our ships and are under constant control of our crews.




A part of our fleet is adapted for the carriage of ammonium nitrate. 

What is “Ammonium Nitrate”?

Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is the most common use of the compound. It is also employed in certain industrial and construction settings. The chemical compound is explosive and useful in mining, demolition activities and quarry work. 

Our safety standards and procedures related to the carriage of this type of cargo are very high, which guarantees the safety of the ship, cargo and our crew.





Ro-Ro or Roll on Roll off ships are a special type of vessel which is used for the transportation of vehicles. 

We have a modern fleet of PCTC ships that transport not only passenger cars but also trucks and other variants of wheeled vehicles.



World Wide Presence



  • NORTH AMERICA – USA (Gulf of Mexico) / Alaska /Canada

  • AFRICA – West Africa (Gulf of Guinea) – South Africa, Ivory Coasts, Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, South Africa Republic

  • SOUTH AMERICA – Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Panama

  • ASIA – Korea, Japan, China, Philippines