SIEM – steps taken and implemented


Two newly built car carriers that run on liquefied natural gas (LNG) are the first ships of this type in history designated to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. This is the result of a partnership between The Volkswagen Group, Siem Car Carriers, MAN Energy Solutions and Xiamen Shipbuilding.

Commissioned exclusively for Volkswagen, the two ships – named Siem Confucius and Siem Aristotle – mark a critical turning point in how the industry’s biggest players are working together toward a future of sustainable marine transport.

Both ships are the first overseas car freighters in the world to be powered by clean burning liquefied natural gas (LNG), what will contribute significantly towards it ‘go-TO-zero’ emissions strategy. In this era of growing awareness over sustainable, green logistics and tighter regulations, the launch could not have come at a better.