“SIEM Cicero is the first extensive application of sandwich composite in the shipping industry, where each deck uses 125 m2 of Divinycell H100 and 475 m2 of Divinycell H80,” reports Roger Jansson, Group Product & Marketing Manager at Diab. “With the use of innovative materials and technologies, we are able to reduce the environmental impact while cutting cost.”


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SIEM Cicero car carrier vessel using a large number of GRP composite structures for cargo decks, saving considerable weight, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


Key Benefits :

  • Reduced fuel consumption: 4.5% or 2.1 t/day
  • Increased payload: 800 tons
  • Reduced production lead time
  • Improved crew and cargo safety in case of a fire
  • Same production cost as conventional design


Article by Karen Mason in CV Composites word