Siem Ship Management is the world’s first shipping company to implement this system that supports the safety of the crew, vessel, cargo, and the environment. By doing so we have Increased the overall performance by verifying specified work/rest hours on board as required by MLC.


The “K-NOX Advanced Monitoring / Alert System” is the latest revolutionary innovation, a non-invasive, self-administrated system which provides a state of art, fully automated alcohol breath analyzer for employees, any 3rd parties visitors or shipyard’s personnel. It contributes to a much safer workplace environment because of the innovative alcohol screening providing a “Zero Tolerance” control solution. The only one self-service face recording and biometric unit that allows for a quick and large quantity of repeatable alcohol tests to be performed for employees.


This undoubtedly positively affects the safety of the crew but also the safety performance of the entire company, supporting overall safety as a one of the priorities given its importance to the owners as well as charterers.


The implementation, including the testing phase, of these units on board our ships took about three months. There was a small group of captains from our ships, as well as Technical and HSEQ Superintendents who assisted in the creation of various functions that are now very useful for sea and land personnel.


The positive results of all tests, variety of statistical data required for our KPIs and a positive outcome from the Master led us to take the decision to implement the K-NOX system across the entire SIEM fleet.


We started the installation process in July / August 2020 and after almost one year of experience with these units, we concluded that this was the right decision.


 There is no doubt that the system prevents abnormality in human behavior / incidents. The construction & sensitivity of this unit is such that we can avoid any form of test omission and it is practically impossible to by-pass the device and/or violate our “ZERO” Alcohol Policy procedures without being detected.


 The advantages of the system were noticed by the insurance companies as well as various port state control or flag administration during audits or inspections.


 We have assured our business partners and charterers alike that we are taking care of their cargo and ships and propelling it toward a completely different level.




As always at the beginning of any implementation with new technology, procedures sometimes show some difficulties or not understanding, of the wider-aspects. Our crew & 3rd parties found this very unique system as a “must have” for their own safety, safety of their colleagues, ship, cargo and environment.



Siem Shipping’s priority is to ensure the highest possible safety standards at all levels of our operation; therefore, we go above & beyond.



We are pioneers and we are very proud of this.