From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have set up different countermeasures which assist us to reduce the spreading of the COVID-19 onboard and to let the ship’s owner smoothly operate vessels.


As part of SIEM’s initiative relating to COVID-19 we are continuously investigating any opportunities to vaccinate our crewmembers in any ports where our vessels are calling to.


SIEM successfully arranged crew vaccination in the following places like Jacksonville, Dutch Harbor, Bellingham, Baltimore, Marseille, Zeebrugge, Portsmouth and Antwerp.




We’ve been supported by our colleagues from different offices to find out any opportunities that may exist to carry out vaccination and continuously investigating the new places.


We have an excellent crew who understand the problems, therefore being at home they have already registered themselves in their countries and will continue vaccination, in order to be ready to join our vessels.



Crew health condition, safety and wellbeing are always important for SIEM Team.